Chinese Elixirs and Mushroom Burgers on a Garden Terrace

Chinese Elixirs and Mushroom Burgers on a Garden Terrace

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It’s the holy triumvirate of bar food.

Portobello burgers.

Tofu tots.

“Earth Pizza.”

It’s the holy triumvirate of… something else.

Something like Soul Tavern, a vegetarian bar and restaurant with a serious thing for de-meating some of your favorite bar food. It opens tonight in Sunset Harbor, and here’s the slideshow.

It’s a paradoxical concept that just might work. Especially if you’re dating a vegan. Or need some time off from animal products. Or just want to hang out in an attractive place with a tequila-and-celery-juice cocktail for a while. First things first, though: find the patio.

It’ll be the place with a wooden trellis and a starry sky where the ceiling would normally be. The place where you’ll grab a beer or bottle of sake to go with your Portobello burger and your date’s aforementioned Earth Pizza with mushroom, garbanzo beans and a miso base.

Oh, and the owner has a background in Chinese medicine. You’ll see this influence in the 37 Chinese herbal elixirs that, when mixed with sparkling water, do anything from aiding sleep to soothing aching muscles to helping you out with that hangover.

Chinese elixirs > not Chinese elixirs.


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