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When it comes to the proper execution of six layers of pasta, tomato sauce and various cheeses, Italian grandmothers have it down.

But on the off chance one hasn’t packed your lunch today…

Head to Massimo’s Lasagneria, a tiny new lasagna spot in the Rincon Center that will happily fill in for Nonna. It’s open now, and these are pictures of its delicious wares.

You already know this is the sister restaurant of Marcella’s Lasagneria in Dogpatch—that pasta spot run by the Italian father-and-son duo. And if you didn’t, now you do. The difference is, this place involves less decisions. You’re having lasagna. And you’re taking it to go.

Now that that’s settled, step inside the Rincon Center and wander around until that sweet, sweet lasagna scent hits your nose. Follow it. Keep going. Almost there. Eventually, tucked into a space it shares with a burger joint: a tiny spot slinging seven different lasagnas and nothing else.

They’ve all got six layers of homemade pasta, béchamel, parmigiano and your other token Italian cheeses. But they also have Sicilian eggplant in spicy sauce. And some have butternut squash and verdure in homemade pesto. And for the especially hungry, there’s the Bolognese lasagna with ground sirloin.

Somewhere, Garfield weeps.


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