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SILHO curates the affluent lifestyle of today's digital entrepreneur and delivers content that is informational and  aspirational. This is accomplished with our in-depth spotlight on entertainers, entrepreneurs, influencers, and high-achievers along with unfettered access to premium events, upscale restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, and entertainment experiences.

About Us

Who we are

SILHO, the country’s foremost digital event and lifestyle curator, uses its expertise to create unique experiences by intelligently fusing business, technology, entertainment, and style. Our foundation is strengthened by our relationship with an audience of sophisticated, entrepreneurs, entertainers, and trendsetters that are essentially the voice and soul of American culture. 

Our Core

Mission Statement

SILHO's mission is to provide ultimate freedom to 1,000,000 entrepreneurs by helping business owners acquire, communicate with, and monetize their customer lists. We do this with a mix of consulting, an artificially intelligent content distribution software, an ever-present, lifestyle & discovery marketplace and proven marketing strategies cultivated over decades of experience.

Our Belief

Vision Statement

Everything we do, we believe in inspiring entrepreneurs. Freedom, passion, independence, richness and fulfillment are at the core of this belief. We do this by enabling people to be extraordinary so they can do extraordinary things. One of the ways we do this is by teaching high achievers how to cultivate highly engaged audiences by providing massive value.
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