A San Francisco Classic Is Reborn and a New Bar in Potrero Is Regular-Born

A San Francisco Classic Is Reborn and a New Bar in Potrero Is Regular-Born

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A San Francisco Classic Is Reborn and a New Bar in Potrero Is Regular-Born
Plus, Anchor Brewing Made a Spaghetti and Maple Syrup Beer for Your Elf-Viewing Pleasure
By Joe Starkey



            The Things You Do for Your Whiskey

The secret ingredient to making any cocktail or whiskey pour taste better isn’t an ingredient at all. It’s a
hunk of professional-grade metal that the pros use to make flawlessly round ice spheres, designed by the
booze maestros at Cocktail Kingdom. And we got you 22% off of it. Hope you can keep a secret.


            And Now, From the Guys Behind Brass Tacks and Anina...

Brass Tacks and Anina have a new little brother named Junior, and it’s also your new neighborhood cocktail
bar in Potrero Hill. Come in for a Safety Third with overproof tequila, Aperol and French vermouth. Then
follow it up with a local beer because overproof tequila.



            Elf + Spaghetti & Maple Syrup Beer = This

Get your tickets now to Anchor Brewing’s screening of Elf at the Balboa Theater tomorrow night.
They’ll be featuring three beers made specially for the event, including Spaghetti & Maple Syrup
Imperial Christmas Ale, which tastes better than spaghetti and maple syrup. Promise.



            What Was Old Is New Again at the Grotto

San Francisco mainstay the Grotto has just reopened under new management after the family that owned it for
three generations retired. They’ve kept some classic elements like the bar and fireplace, but generally
spruced everything else up. Except for the Bay views. Those are the same.



            An Entire Showroom Dedicated to Caffeine, Sweet Caffeine

The coffee product design firm (that old chestnut) called Fellow would like to show you their wares via a
new retail store that’ll also host events with local coffee experts. Which basically means that you’ll get
to see how coffee is brewed. Then drink coffee. Then be happier as a result.


            How to Lay Low and Live Well in San Francisco

Maybe you need a great spot for a first date. Maybe you’re looking for the coolest hidden bar within another
bar. Or the best drinks with a view of the entire Bay. Lucky you, because that’s exactly why the Back 100 exists. Don’t say we never got you anything.

What Else Is New


            You're Going on a Star Wars Vacation

Courtesy of one of these two
Star Wars-inspired tours, in Ireland and Croatia. You’re also going to need some holiday party
are three surefire winners. Finally, we’ve made a convincing case that
Gary Oldman is our greatest living actor. Not sure what you’ll need that for…

Joe Starkey is the tallest person in the room 90% of the time. He enjoys liquors that aren’t smoky, dive bars that are, and has a vague dread that someone, somewhere might be having more fun than him.


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