Burgers, Beer and a Weird Cruise for the Weekend

Burgers, Beer and a Weird Cruise for the Weekend

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            Consider It an Offer You Can't Refuse...

You’ve been quoting these classic flicks for years. You look up to their stars. Now, you’re about to acquire
some posters from your favorites—from The Godfather to Star Wars to
Deadpool—signed by the stars who brought them to life, for up to 69% off.


            Jon and Vinny and Keller and Kahan and Colicchio and Pomeroy and...

It’s been 10 years since Animal opened and it’s celebrating that fact with a massive, 18-night guest chef
series. They’ll be doing one-off dinners with chefs like Thomas Keller, Tom Colicchio, Paul Kahan and Naomi
Pomeroy. You can get your tickets 30 days in advance. Or spend eternity wondering what Keller got up to.



            It's Finally Suppertime at Friends & Family

Until today, you’ve enjoyed going to Friends & Family in Hollywood for morning pastries and mid-day
lunch. But now, you want more. So now, Roxana Jullapat and Daniel Mattern are doing dinner, so you can try
their goat chops, rainbow trout and feta-stuffed apricots. Finally, a decent goat chop.



            Breakfast Burritos in the Morning, Box Crab Hand Rolls at Lunch

For your seafood cravings: The Joint, a Sherman Oaks café with a seafood market and Santa
Barbara box crab hand rolls.
For your greener desires: Yarrow, a Park LaBrea vegan spot from Secret Lasagna’s chef
slinging breakfast burritos and roasted carrot terrine.
For wrapping this up: The end.



            Burgers, Beer and at Least One Churro Garage

What you’ll find at Sunday’s Burgers & Beer edition of LA Food Fest:
—Burgers, beer, DJs and live music.
—Kombucha ice cream floats.
—Jam-inspired cocktails and mixology classes by the team at Cole’s.
—Something called Churro Garage.
—People, in all their splendid complexity.


            A Decadent Evening Cruise With an Exceptionally Specific Twist

Disco Dining Club and Our/LA are teaming up on a licentious yacht party through the Marina this weekend. Not
just any licentious yacht party, but one themed after Grace Jones’ character in A View to a
Kill. You know, that old party theme.

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            Say Hello to Your Personal Robot Bartender

Its name is Barsys, and it’s an automated cocktail maker you can fit onto your countertop. In
other news, it appears this year’s song of summer may not come from an American: here are our top five international contenders. And yesterday was apparently “710 Day,”
a new stoner holiday for celebrating THC concentrates. Ergo, we rounded up some of the finest vape pens in all the land. Enjoy.

Hadley Tomicki lives in Los Angeles. He is probably going nowhere on the 10 Freeway this very second.

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