Punch-Filled Skulls, Costumed Parades and So Very Much Wine

Punch-Filled Skulls, Costumed Parades and So Very Much Wine

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            Your Legs Were Made for These Jeans

The fine people at Standard Deviation spent years trying on pair after pair of pants, so you don’t have
to. The result: a new formula for premium denim—designed in New York, sourced from historic American mills
and constructed by seasoned craftsmen. Oh, and then we took 25% off each pair.



            The Holidays Will Be Here Before You Know It. Related: New Wine Shop.

Maybe you’ve never heard of Perman Wine, the longstanding West Loop retailer. Well, allow us to introduce
you to its big, beautiful wine shop and tasting room that just opened off Division with a couple hundred
hand-selected bottles of wine, beer and spirits. Which doesn’t feel un-timely for your impending holiday



            Emporium's Latest Pop-Up Is a Haunted House Bar

If you insist on going to a haunted house this year, it should probably serve cocktails. Enter House of the
Dead, the latest Emporium-adjacent pop-up. It’s basically a faux decrepit watering hole that serves punch in
skulls and spikes slushies with mezcal. So as far as faux decrepit watering holes go…



            Two Fine Reasons to Go to Longman & Eagle This Weekend

Meet Dan and Dan. They make Chinese food in their Milwaukee restaurant appropriately named DanDan, and
they’ll be serving it at Longman & Eagle on Saturday. Also, meet bourbon. It’s the thing you’ll be
drinking while carving pumpkins at Longman & Eagle on Sunday. Basically, you’re going to Longman &
Eagle this weekend.


            Yes, This Halloween Parade Is Different

Welcome to the Arts in the Dark Halloween parade, where artists from all over the city will line the
streets, from Lookingglass Theater actors donning Alice in Wonderland costumes to the Art
Institute’s medieval knights. And it all ends with a House Party at the Bean, of course.



            Red Hot Tamales Make Their Brunch Debut at the Delta

When the decision of where to eat brunch this weekend arrives, take note that the Delta recently threw its
hat in the ring with red hot tamale chilaquiles and Korean-style chicken wing-topped waffles. We’ll let you
mull that over for a few days.

What Else Is New


            These Clothes Will Work Whenever

That’s because we selected them specifically based on their versatility (and, you know, general
handsomeness). We’ve also created a working Curb Your Enthusiasm
glossary to document the show’s most useful phrases and terms. And look at that: the Trump
administration power rankings are back.

Sarah Freeman is often accused of hiding secrets in her hair. She can make any cocktail, as long as that cocktail is a rye Old Fashioned, and has never met a saison she didn’t like.


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