The Year in Short

The Year in Short

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No matter what you’re talking about, context is important.

And yet… is it?

Ponder that for a few.

Then take a look at the Year in Short. It’s that choice selection of random phrases and sentences down there that were taken from some of our stories this past year. Without any context.

Because, again… is it?

“You know what that means… highballs and Galaga.”

“… the waiter with a tablecloth cape delivering jeroboams while the Superman theme song plays…”

“… a bedside chalkboard used for notes… as a scorecard… whatever.”

“… a bar stocked with Japanese whiskey being led into action by a tiny Admiral Yamamoto…”

“You just knew David Byrne would find a way into this.”

“Maybe Canada’s making up for those ketchup chips. Who knows.”

“You could hurl yourself over every existing Bob’s Barricade in Brickell during rush hour.”

“It’s more or less the clothing that Biggie Smalls would wear if he ever went marlin hunting.”

“Champagne is poured. Glasses are clinked. The crowd dances on tabletops. Sh*t gets crazy.”

“… what’s with that guy posing with two bikini-clad women in the poster…”


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