You Either Escape to Lake Geneva for a Weekend of Snow and Storm Troopers…

You Either Escape to Lake Geneva for a Weekend of Snow and Storm Troopers…

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You Either Escape to Lake Geneva for a Weekend of Snow and Storm Troopers…
Or You Drink Cold Toddies and Roller Skate Around
By Sarah Freeman



            Blazers and Button-Ups That Were Made for Each Other

Winter means layers—the most important of which are your blazers and button-ups. And these ones were
literally made for each other by the sartorial gurus at Maceoo. Their name roughly translates to “gift from
the gods,” by the way. And this Perk roughly translates to “60-61% off all of the above.”



            The New Caffè Umbria Is Made Out of Shipping Containers. And Coffee.

Part café, park coffee roaster and part caffeinate lab, all inside some refurbished shipping containers.
That’s exactly what Caffè Umbria’s new location in Logan Square is, and that’s exactly what you need. Don’t
act like you don’t need shipping containers.



            This New Loop Restaurant Has You and Your Date in Mind

You’ll start with some spicy fried potatoes before moving onto a pot roast tartine. You’ll smile and repeat
as necessary. You’re at Stock and Ledger, a new restaurant that wants to modernize classic American dishes
and is doing just that in the Loop. All you have to specialize in is bringing a date there.


            A Star Wars-Themed Retreat in Wisconsin

So you want to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi this weekend. But maybe you’d rather do it at a private
screening. And then maybe stay in a nice hotel room for a couple nights at a snow-covered resort in
Wisconsin. Sure, Grand Geneva can make that happen.



            A Cold Toddy-Fueled Roller Derby at the CAA

The merry sound of Christmas music in your ears, a cold toddy in your hand and four-wheeled skates on your
feet. That’s what you’re in for at Holiday Skate Night at the Chicago Athletic Association hotel. It’s okay
if all you read was “cold toddy.”



            There's Boba in Your Beer, and That's a Good Thing

The newest drinkable innovation at Forbidden Root comes in the form of a cookie-inspired beer called Me
Drink Cookie. Not only is this oatmeal raisin brown ale infused with cinnamon and vanilla, but it’s also
served with chocolate boba pearls. So, that’s different.

What Else Is New


            The Internet Is in a Tizzy Over Roy Moore's Horse

The GOP senate candidate/creepy mall rat may’ve lost yesterday, but his
horse, Sassy, won. In other news: we present you with luxury
watches made with recycled parts from old Ford Mustangs, as well as a case against some of the
backlash towards the viral New Yorker short story, “Cat Person.” Enjoy.

Sarah Freeman is often accused of hiding secrets in her hair. She can make any cocktail, as long as that cocktail is a rye Old Fashioned, and has never met a saison she didn’t like.

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