Fashion Fashion! at Le Ti


Fashion Fashion! at Le Ti

Complimentary champagne for Le Ti’s Pirate Ladies from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM!

Reservations are a must at this boudoir-themed club, which puts on one hell of a cabaret show that’s definitely not for the kids. The dimly lit bar and restaurant always gets packed during the evenings with big groups, many of whom order bottles to the table. (You’ll know when someone does, because a sparkler comes along with it.) Although you don’t need a reservation to stand at the bar or in the patio, you want to get the best view possible to see the dancers, who come out four to five times over the course of dinner and drinks in colorful costumes (and various states of undress). Patrons themselves can actually go in the back room to select their own costume and take photos (for a fee, of course). But the pole dancing is best left to those on the stage.


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