Fridays at 11 Clubroom


Fridays at 11 Clubroom

11Clubroom is really the top spot for parties and private events in Milan, a club full of beauty and crazy fun nights. Bright chandeliers, young inspired people dancing the night away, people celebrating a special event, make you no longer wonder why this club is so well known. For parties and private events, the location can adapt to every need, offering the ability to create everything from scratch from the arrangement of furniture to the menu. 11Clubroom is very well known in Milan, a prime location on Friday and Saturday nights for a selected audience. An international environment, full of energetic and fun partiers. There is also a restaurant available for events and private parties in the center of Milan.

DJs like Kenny Carpenter, Alex Neri, Steve Aoki, Satoshi Tomi and Miguel Campbell have performed in 11Clubroom over the years and the famous DJs list keeps getting longer and longer without stopping in sight. During the day, you can use 11Clubroom as a meeting spot or throw day events but night time is reserved by the young and the restless crowd, looking to sip on alcoholic beverages and dance until the sunrise. When the sunrise comes, go to sleep and when it’s dark again, time to hit 11 Clubroom once again!


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