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Gaїo is a Saint Tropez Jewel and 3 in 1 venue: restaurant, bar and nightclub – all in one! The very first restaurant – a harbinger of Gaїo restaurant had been the legendary Papagayo, opened in far 1962 by two brothers – Doudou and Frangy, who came on idea to create an elegant, but cool and casual restaurant, close to the sea. The place opened its door in the town’s oldest venue. The ‘60s were the best period in a whole 20 century for opening similar places, especially in the Southern France, given that the ‘60s were the period of increasing glory of French movies and music, especially of Brigitte Bardot, who was the most credited with give to a small, unrecognized village, such as Saint Tropez is, a world glory and world status of “in” place to be. After Bardot and the happy ‘60s, Saint Tropez started to be visited by hundreds and hundreds super stars and rich millionaires.


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