Saturdays at Scandal


Saturdays at Scandal
London, UK

A physical metaphor of the forbidden joys we keenly seek, Scandal alludes to the deepest of the human guilty pleasures. Established a few steps away from Oxford Circus, in the heart of London, Scandal is an unique destination for those looking for an incomparable nightlife experience. The venue portrays the lust of the Amsterdam Red Light District in a refined and classy tone. Tassel curtains at the entrance open to reveal a sunken dancefloor, with elevated tables and generous VIP area; the raised DJ booth, which stands on a corner and boasts a rotation of renowned DJs and surprise performances, is visible from any area in the club. The dancefloor is adorned with four windows, all bathed with a sexy red neon light, on which dancers reproduce the sensual and provocative aura of a true cabaret.

Its unique design and feel, which offers over 25 exclusive tables and a full-service bar, also offers a decor that has been manually worked up to the last detail. Scandal in-house production, paired with a highly competent and well trained staff, offers the ultimate nightlife experience for a privileged few in London on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.


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