Thursdays at L’ARC



At L’Arc Nightclub in Paris, you can expect a truly VIP treatment at a highly elite club. This isn’t a venue that will let just anyone in, so when you are welcomed inside you will know that you are one of the select few who are elite enough for this exclusive venue at the Arch.

The decor is somewhere between a traditional nightclub and a fairy land fantasy. Beautiful and shimmering in gold by day, with neon rainbow lighting by night, the mirrored ceiling and metallic tones bounce back every tone, providing a wonderfully enveloping atmosphere. The comfortable booths are just intimate enough that you are not overhearing anyone’s conversations, but just open enough that you can indulge in some serious people watching, and enjoy the party even if you are having a break and a drink.

L’Arc Paris doesn’t have a genuine dance floor per se. Rather, there is space by every table, allowing you to dance in the privacy and comfort of your own group. This is not a place for single young people to try and get a date for the next day, rather, it is more of a location for groups and couples of mixed ages to enjoy the atmosphere, have a few drinks, and socialize away from the general business of Paris’s nightlife.

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