A Faithful Recreation of a Famous Swinging ’60s London Bar

A Faithful Recreation of a Famous Swinging ’60s London Bar

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You’re going back in time.

Not to eliminate John Connor.

Or to save your siblings from fading from a treasured Polaroid.

Your only assignment: Drink a Boulevardier with a Fembot.

As you’re hurtling towards Electric Pussycat, the faithfully refabricated, swinging ’60s London bar from Austin Powers, now open in Glendale. This slideshow is all kinds of neon.

Right. It’s an unlicensed, themed bar from a movie everyone liked but got sick of after everyone else started saying “groovy baby” and arbitrarily asking you if they made you “horny.”

No matter. This place is still impressive and thoroughly transporting. And while there, expect to encounter…

—Shag columns, zebra flooring, Yellow Submarine-ish psychedelia and oversized lava lamps.
The Double Agent, a grilled cheese on Texas toast with smoked bacon and tomato soup reduction.
—A pole under a disco ball. You’re powerless to resist.
—A Mini-Me. Not a Mini-Me. A Mini-You. No. A mini-somebody.
—A mural of sharks with lasers on their heads. A nice mural of sharks with lasers on their heads. As murals of sharks with lasers on their heads go.
—Swinging bubble chairs on the second floor. Literally swinging.
—The Phat Bastard. Not an actual obese man lacking a father figure. A vodka/Rumchata milkshake topped with Nutella.
—A DJ booth that’s also a rainbow VW Bug.
—Fembots. That is, real women portraying robots disguised as real women.

How they found actors looking for work we’ll never know.

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