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You knocked out Don Flamenco.

Leveled an entire city block.

Got eaten by Blinky.

Someone deserves a beer…

This highly plausible scenario brought to you by Button Mash, a new ’80s-themed arcade bar where Starry Kitchen does the cooking and you do the bleeping and blooping while drinking beer. It opens Wednesday in Echo Park, and here’s what it looks like.

It’s sort of like the best kind of ’80s time capsule in here, what with all the laminate tables and cartoon wallpaper and wrestling dolls randomly peppering the place.

You and groups of friends. That’s the plan. Stop by the bar and put those 12 taps to work. And if you need some energy to inevitably, repeatedly die in Dragon’s Lair, you’ll take over a table for tofu balls, tamarind chili chicken wings and classic burgers from Starry Kitchen. (Here’s the menu.)

They have their own token machine, too. So when the time comes, you’ll toss some into Rampage or Super Contra or whatever and just sort of hang out. Lots of classics here. Or perhaps you’ll hit the other side to play pinball while your friends crowd around NBA Jam.

Where the Lakers are always functional.

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