For event promoters, club owners, restaurateurs, & hoteliers…

Discover how to fill your events, venues, and experiences  – with predictability –  using a secret software platform that gives my clients an unfair advantage over all of the competition


A.I. Based, Revenue-Generating, Solutions for Travel,
Entertainment, & Hospitality Companies

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1. Build Your Destination

Systematically Earn More Revenue

Along with the power of A.I. we'll build your website, fully automated funnels, marketing & sales material, review site profiles, and follow-up social media, mobile & email campaigns all designed to get more customers and sales.

Build your landing page in 30 minutes or less

  • Start with one of our professional designs for your industry or create your own.
  • Everything can be customized to fit your brand and style.
  • Every site we build is designed to work perfectly on mobile, tablets, and desktop devices of all sizes.
  • Leverage your reach and create content that resonates with your target audience and builds brand loyalty.

Activate every kind of commerce​

  • We make it easy for you to sell experiences.
  • You can charge for consulting by service performed or by time spent.
  • Manage F&B inventory, offer gift cards, and more.
  • Choose if to charge booking fees, deposits, and allow payment plans.

2. Craft Your Marketing

Headlines, webinars, email sequences, sales letters, & more...

100% of your marketing content proven to convert, customized to your exact experience and audience; done for you.

All of your sales and marketing material

  • 50+ Email sequences to automate growth.
  • Lead magnets designed to attract clients.
  • 300+ slides of a your webinar done for you.
  • Video sales script written out for you.
  • Lead magnet email scripts designed to warm leads up.
  • Appointment setting application and script.
  • Sales letter designed to earn revenue.
  • 5 Webinar invite sequences.
  • 300+ attention grabbing headlines and hooks

Social proof amplified

  • Creating a social media presence is extremely important to attract your target audience and maintain brand recognition with your existing audience.
  • But we take it a step further and help you create lasting authority that begins on day one with multiple back links, and power positioning.

3. Make Money

Finally a SaaS that makes you money

Along with the power of A.I. we'll build your website, fully automated funnels, marketing & sales material, and follow-up campaigns all designed to get more customers and sales.

Sell bookings, tickets, tables, bottles, reservations, experiences, and even products

  • The SILHO Network is an all-in-one platform for managing your travel, hospitality, entertainment, or experience-based business.
  • Offer your experience in the SILHO Marketplace or sell directly on your own website with marketing, payments, booking systems designed specifically for our industry.
  • Get access to start-of-the-art software that will allow you to take deposits, full payments, and recurring payments for all types of bookings and products.
  • Easy for your guests, and fast for you. Increase your booking conversions by offering patrons flexible options – pay with deposits or payment plans, individually or in groups, in their currency or yours, and more.

Increase revenue, profit, traffic, automation with monthly consulting

Ad campaigns, swipes, content... all designed to get more patrons to your experiences

Webinars & Funnel Swipes

Swipe files and sales pages ready to easily deploy

SMS & Email Campaigns

Full swipe files, and pre-built automations

Blueprints & Cheat Sheets

Create money-making content schedule

Social Media Campaigns

Get a year's worth of pre-built social media campaigns

Leverage the power of Chat GPT and A.I.

Turn any dull piece of text into an interesting ad copy that you can use in your ad campaigns & articles.

Your articles and posts will need headlines that will catch your readers’ attention.  Now you can create them on the fly.

Create text of any length in a breeze.  Outlines, headlines, and even multiple articles can be created at one time.

Get ideas on the best titles and subtitles that fit your articles and blog posts.

Write complete paragraphs on any topic you can imagine!

You need images to go with those headlines and articles, and now you can create as many as you need.

Leverage the creativity of generative AI models to generate image prompts that you can use in text-to-image models to generate images for your article.

Use AI to help you write your product description and short descriptions right in your WooCommerce editor.

Quickly and easily generate summaries of any text, making information digestible and easy to understand.

Quickly and easily edit text without spending hours doing it yourself!

Generate marching quotes that help you get your message across much easier.

Set the personality or style of generated text: Set the style of models to follow a certain style, perspective or persona when it comes to generating text.

Rewrite your text in a sarcastic (romantic, comedic, or any other availabile tone) way to make it interesting to your audience.

Choose to input (or output) your A.I. content in any of the following languages:
Brazilian Portuguese
Polish, Russian

We provide support for all text generation models from OpenAI, including the latest gpt-4 and gpt-3.5-turbo models..

Choose the models to use (gpt-4, gpt-3.5-turbo, Davinci, Curie, Ada, etc) and fine-tune the amount of and the accuracy of the text generated.

You can provide detailed instructions for the source HTML you want to generate, along with keywords and language.

Messaging - Email, SMS, and Social Media

Drag-n-drop web builder, unlimited hosting and web templates

Shopping cart with funnels, upsells, and order bumps

  • We make it easy to sell tickets, reservations, bookings, even physical and digital products.
  • Charge for anything you want, anyway you want.
  • Manage inventory, space, time and everything you offer to your patrons.
  • Maximize your order value with our customizable 1-click upsells, downsells, and order bumps!
  • Upload unlimited products, tickets, bookings, images, videos, and descriptions.

Premium content & memberships


Grow a thriving subscription-based business for a stream of monthly revenue


Create your all-important courses inside a membership, constructing an outline of modules, lessons, and chapters.

Premium Content

Strengthen your tribe by unlocking and releasing new content

Drip Content

Release content to your subscribers and members at your own pace, creating loyalty and consistency

Appointments, events, and bookings

  • Set appointments, host events, and create retail bookings.
  • Set duration for each client call with call minimums and buffer times.
  • Outlook and Google Calendar syncing with Zoom and Google Meet integration.
  • Manage employees – to see who is at which location.
  • Manage your database of your clients – CRM functionality.
  • Text and email notifications for each calendar event.
  • Accept deposits, checks, and credit card payments.
  • Employee login – let your team manage their jobs sites, times and availability.
  • Client login – they can manage their appointments and profile.
  • Import your exiting customer list from a CSV file.

Create loyal ambassadors (affiliates) and explode your sales

  • Upon account creation, you’re an instant SILHO Affiliate. No other sign-ups, websites or links to click.
  • Get access to ready-made promotional assets: emails, blog posts, banners, articles, social media posts… everything you need to start earning today.
  • Create your fully integrated funnel, automate the creation of affiliates and watch your revenue grow.
  • Stay on top of all your partners with full affiliate details, tracking analytics, performance, pending commissions, and payment history.
  • Set up multiple tiers for any product, with either % value or fixed dollar amounts, and customize individual affiliate commission structures.
  • Collect tax information and let your affiliates choose how to get paid, with PayPal and wire transfer.
  • Control for sales milestones, create a reserve for refunds and use progressive payout schedules.

COMING SOON!!!!!!!!!

ERP with CRM, POS, PM, HR, & Accounting

That’s a lot of acronyms but here us out…

  • Enterprise Resource Planning is a platform used to manage day-to-day business activities such as the one listed below.
  • With Customer Relationship Management you can view all of your prospects and their journey to becoming life-long clients and patrons.
  • Need to take payments on the fly while away from your registers? Our mobile Point of Sale systems is exactly what you need.
  • Planning for a major release?  Track milestones, contributors and releases with a Project Management system.
  • As you business grows you’ll need a full Human Resources platform to manage all of employees.
  • Track payments, send invoices, estimates, statements and more with a world-class Accounting platform.

4. Consulting

Private and Group Consulting

The Each plan comes with live, monthly calls where we share new insights and answer your questions about business, marketing, branding and more.

Grow and Scale Your Company

SILHO offers a unique set of business content, a private entrepreneurial community, growth hacking software, live consulting, swipe files, & more.


• All you have to do is basically “show up” and you might dominate your marketplace in a matter of days using this one simple method.

• Breakthrough tactic for gaining TRUST with your prospects.

• The simple secret of the world’s highest paid speaker – and how you can reverse engineer it for your own personal gain.

• Get the exact 3-part equation for profits that drives this entire system. You’ll instantly understand it so you can apply it to your business today.

• The two things you can do IMMEDIATELY to increase sales and revenue without spending money on more traffic and without sending more emails to your list.

• This “same-day” approach works like crazy and does NOT involve affiliates, joint ventures, or any of the usual “Internet Marketing” tricks you’ve heard over and over again.


• STEAL THIS: There’s an amazing psychological effect that makes people line up in droves to proudly spend 300% more on the same type of product their friends just bought for a fraction of the price.

• How to become a CELEBRITY AUTHORITY in your marketplace.

• Think that more sales is the first step to more profits? Think again! Discover the single biggest factor in increasing the money in your pocket …even if your sales stay the same.

• How to charge MORE than your competitors…The secret is this two-step formula that’s built to work even if you’re an “unknown nobody”.

• The easiest way to create major demand for what you’re selling.

• 8 “black ops” psychological positioning triggers that make you magnetic to your best customers.

• One of them is “FORBIDDEN”. How to deploy the other seven, revealed on page 17.


• Learn my insider secret to starting a million dollar business in one year. There are two types of businesses that anyone can start, no matter the level of experience, and I will show you what they are and how to execute based solely on your expertise and passion.

• Uncover the secrets to exploding your business fast – going from $0 to $100K in 90 days.

• Learn how to get customers/clients in the next fourteen days – even if you’re a complete “unknown” and you have no list.

• Discover how to automate the execution of your business so you can have more free time.

• Get access to my 8 underground hacks to scaling any business online for predictable future income.

• Get premier access to exclusive content, courses, and live consulting… all to help you grow your business and provide more freedom.

Discover how to structure a credit report designed for business funding.

Enjoy Ultimate Freedom

SILHO is a membership community that curates the affluent lifestyle of today's digital entrepreneur. Enjoy VIP perks and special pricing at exclusive events, restaurants, hotels, travel, and society.


• Steal This: Learn how to live like a VIP and don’t pay for clothes, toiletries, or utility bills ever again.

•Discover the two things you can do IMMEDIATELY do to obtain any vehicle for 6-12 months and only pay pennies on the dollar.

• Learn how to create distinctly different businesses – that earn over $5,000 per month each – using your credit cards

• Exclusive: Premiere business solutions and discounts are now at your fingertips. Save money on every aspect of your life.

• Read our 7 rules for using OPM (other people’s money) to leverage your business.

• How to make sure you’re not tied down to anything so you can travel effortlessly.

• Discover the top secrets to travel for deep discounts and get 60%-70% off hotels.

• Receive a 10% (or more) discount with most providers from over 50 brands made in the SILHO Network.


• Where to live to have the most exciting life ever – and travel without breaking your bank.

• What items and assets to own, so they will earn you passive income on your behalf.

• How to work on your own time, anywhere in the world.

• My secret weapon for obtaining 12 credit cards with only 4 inquiries

• Learn how to book first class flights for the same price as coach.

• Learn ten secret features on travel sites that every traveler should know about.

• Learn the dynamic secrets to increasing your credit score to 750+ in 90 days.
• How to upgrade to a "movie-worthy" suite in Las Vegas, Miami and other cities.


• The right and legal way to pay taxes so you can keep as much of your hard earned income as possible.

• How to live a unique unconventional and luxurious lifestyle.

• How to pay for this lifestyle with a business that is as easy to run as being your normal, everyday self. • I've personally deployed this strategy to travel in luxury without spending obscene amounts of cash.

• How to obtain up to $250,000 w/ personal credit.

• Get access to exclusive travel guides for each major event around the country (events, hotels, restaurants, clubs, excursions & more).

• Receive complimentary, elite status at hotels, airlines, car rental agencies, and other hospitality groups.

5. Pricing

SILHO Membership starts at $99

Choose your plan below and apply today

Experience + Premiere

Marketing and hosting plan
$ 99 monthly
  • 1 website
  • Unlimited hosting space
  • Shopping cart with upsells, funnels, and order bumps
  • Revenue generating blueprints and cheat sheets
  • Run two-way SMS campaigns
  • Run social media campaigns
  • Run email campaigns: follow-up, abandon cart & more
  • Automatically create content with A.I. with Chat GPT
  • Easy to use drag-n-drop web builder
  • 99% reliable and unlimited web hosting
  • Create unlimited membership sites
  • Create courses and drip content to members
  • Charge readers for your premium content
  • Replace Calendly and bookable appointments
  • Create conferences, classes, virtual events, and meetups
  • Create your own multi-tier afiliate program

Experience + Prestige

Group consulting and scaling
$ 299 monthly
  • 5 websites
  • Unlimited hosting space
  • Shopping cart with upsells, funnels, and order bumps
  • Revenue generating blueprints and cheat sheets
  • Run two-way SMS campaigns
  • Run social media campaigns
  • Run email campaigns: follow-up, abandon cart & more
  • Automatically create content with A.I. with Chat GPT
  • Easy to use drag-n-drop web builder
  • 99% reliable and unlimited web hosting
  • Create unlimited membership sites
  • Create courses and drip content to members
  • Charge readers for your premium content
  • Replace Calendly and bookable appointments
  • Create conferences, classes, virtual events, and meetups
  • Create your own multi-tier afiliate program
  • Editable advertising and marketing swipe files
  • Live monthly revenue generating consulting sessions
  • Live monthly growth hacking consulting sessions
  • Live monthly SILHO Network platform implementation calls

Make Money

A.I. based software to help you grow your revenues & business

Expert Advice

Get access to our top notch consultants, leaders, and coaches

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