Glass Appeal

Glass Appeal

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You know what they say about people in glass houses…

They should always prepare a really killer cuttlefish arancino.

Oh yeah, and ixnay on the stone throwing…

Speaking of glass houses, stare at Corvo Bianco, an enormous enclave of Italian-ness with a skylight the size of a zeppelin, taking reservations now for a July 15 opening on the UWS.

Elizabeth Falkner’s your chef here. You may know her from her pizza-perfecting days at Krescendo in Brooklyn. Now she’s graduated to this serious-date masterpiece—a towering, white-brick room where you’ll make the age-old decision between lamb saddle or Italian-prepared lobster (“yes” is a valid choice).

First, however, there’s the matter of the bar—it’s on your left as you walk in. You’ll be tempted by the pizzas, but save roo—no, actually, try the pizza. And maybe a Chingon (white tequila, lime juice, agave nectar, white pepper and hot sauce) while you’re at it.

Eventually, you’ll be drawn to the dining room. That’s where they keep the trellises of hanging gardens, landmark-protected fireplace and humongous arched skylight. Yeah. Pretty nice. This would absolutely be an appropriate place to pop the proverbial question.

You know, “Are you going to finish that pappardelle?”


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