Welcome To My Brand New Elite Platform & Consulting Program for Social Media Stars, Content, Media & Course Creators, Coaches, and Consultants, SILHO Premiere!



This is no ordinary “coaching program” or “software platform”.

This is a full blown, white label system, software platform, and live training  marketing system for your business… damn near every WEEK.

I’m not just telling you what to do, I’m actually doing some of it for you… and PERSONALLY helping you do it!


Here’s exactly what you’re getting as a member of this elite program…

Two LIVE Video Conferences
Every Month With Me, Personally!

Every other week, you and I get on a video conference LIVE with your fellow members for the sole purpose of getting these things done:

  • Increasing Your Front End *Immediate* Sales.
    We’ll do this by uncovering copy tactics that work, design layouts that are converting, new traffic sources and strategies, new campaign sequences, and more.
  • Increasing The Amount of Each Sale
    We’ll do this by deploying pricing strategies, pre-sale “bumps”, one click upsells, and more.

I’d be willing to bet the farm that just this one aspect of our work together can totally revolutionize your business and dramatically increase your bottom line.

  • Creating Recurring Revenue Streams

One of the easiest ways to increase revenue and stabilize your cash flow is by creating a recurring revenue stream. We’ll explore the products and services you have and figure out what you can offer your customers on a repeating schedule.


This is one of the easiest ways to make back-end sales. Speaking of…

  • Increasing Repeat Sales And Back-End Sales
    Everyone knows this is where the real profit But are you doing it? And if you are …are you doing it as well as you could be?The easiest sale to make is a sale to a happy customer … but many marketers only think about getting more new customers and forget the goldmines they havein their list of existing customers.I’ll give you an example – recently, I sent an email to 9,986 people who spent at least $7.00 with me.Now – $7.00 isn’t a lot of money, right?But get this:That one email got over 3,562 clicks …and it produced 14 sales at more than $5,860 per sale.

    That’s more than $82,000 from that one little campaign …just from focusing on selling to existing customers.Would you like to deploy little “stealth” offers like this to your existing customers?

    Would you like to see the email framework?

    The copy framework?

    The offer structure?

    …And the whole campaign?

    Good. You’re in the right place.

    But we’re just getting started.

    You also get …



A Monthly Magazine Delivered To Your

Door By First Class Mail!

This is a good, old fashioned, PRINTED magazine that you can hold, touch, and flip through at your leisure.


I’m deliberately taking the extra effort (and incurring the extra cost) to bind, print, and ship this to you instead of just having a “digital version” because I know you’ll get more out of it if you can take it to a quiet place – notepad in hand – and read it without the endless distractions that your computer throws at you every day.


Every issue is between 20 and 50 pages, and is like a hard core marketing seminar in print, delivered straight to your door via first class mail every single month.


It’s LOADED with marketing news, forecasts, trends, strategies, tactics, and case studies revealing what’s working RIGHT NOW. …And I think your favorite section of the magazine will be the section called,



SWIPE RIGHT: A Full-Blown “Funnels and set of Swipe Files” Ready-To-Use Marketing Campaign handed to you on a silver platter!

Included in your newsletter every month is a tested and proven marketing campaign that you can “plug in” to your business right away.


You get the psychology behind it, the copy framework, the email sequence framework, the follow-up sequence framework, and even a full-fledged process map for the automation!


And this isn’t some “made up” campaign.


You’re getting actual campaigns based on what I’m personally using in my own business, so you know they’re effective.


And to tie it all together, you’re also getting …

Implementation Videos!

Every month in the newsletter, I give you marketing tactics, strategies, and even one of my current campaigns.


And in order to make 100% perfect for you…sure you can use this stuff – implement it – and see results, I’m also giving you training videos where I personally show you how to use everything I’ve given you.


The videos come on a thumb drive and it’s about the size of a credit card. You can put them on your computer, upload them to the “cloud”, play them on your phone, your tablet, or anywhere else you want.


The bottom line is this: I’m not just telling you what to do. I’m personally showing you exactly how to do it.


And the reason why is because I think this will get you the results you want even faster …and that’s what this program is all about.


But that’s not all, because I’m also giving you …



White Label Platform For Your Business

Why go through the extra time and spend the extra money to build out your content/media, course, coaching, or consulting system when one has been built for you?  It’s completely customizable to suit your needs for your business.


Upload your logo, choose your color scheme, add a few bits of information about your business, hours, pricing, and you’ll be up and running in about an hour.  Time to start setting strategy sessions and appointments.


Unlimited Hosting 

Don’t you hate when your website grows so big that you end up running out of space with your hosting company?  With us that will never be an issue. We’re technologists at heart so weave got your back, and with unlimited hosting you’ll never have to worry about space again.



Landing Page and a Funnel Builder

Build and host your own landing pages and funnels. There’s no need to pay for extra services and fees when you can do it all in one platform designed for content/media creators, coaches, and consultants.  You can create the following with ease:

  • Sales pages
  • Opt-in pages
  • Landing pages
  • Webinar pages
  • Various kinds of funnels

The best part is that this is designed so you can make the pages and funnels look like your website or use one of our proven designs that have no navigation so your website visitors can completely focus on the tasks you want them to complete.



Email Autoresponder Integration

I like having choices, and I’m sure you do too.  That’s why we’ve built the email autoresponder section of this platform so it can be used with a variety of leading email senders.

  • Your subscribers are yours to keep in your website
  • Your messages are yours to keep as well

Just connect to your desired email autoresponder company and hit SEND!


Mindset Training

This might be the most important part of weekly sessions. True success and clarity as an entrepreneur doesn’t come until you radically change your mindset about business, money, expectation, attraction, manifestation, and purposeful execution.


We will discuss this every month in one of our sessions.



Social Media Distribution

Once I show you my masterful content syndication method you’ll soon learn how to take your content and amplify your messaging so everyone has the opportunity to hear and read it making you the ultimate authority in your field.


This is extremely important if you want to be able to charge higher prices, have your target audience be predisposed to want to do business with you, and ultimately sell more of your products and services with ease.


Social Audience Augmentation

Can’t you tell, I work with big enterprise clients? They have me speaking and writing it corporat-ese all of the time now. All I’m saying is that we know the importance of having a really targeted followers on social media and we take pride in being able to help you get more of the followers you need on

  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr



Tech Tuesday Training (t)3 Live Weekly Online Training Workshops!

Every Tuesday, my tech team gets on a LIVE video conference and help you do one thing and one thing only:




It’s like having your own in-house tech wizards on standby to answer your implementation questions and walk you through getting stuff done.


You’ll get help setting up your funnels, your automation, your webinars, your blog, your videos… anything you need, we’ve got your back.




Every Thursday, my advertising team gets on a LIVE video conference and helps you get customers FAST from Facebook and Instagram ads. You’ll learn how to set your business so it scales effortlessly with your ad campaigns.


These are the same strategies I use on my campaigns and what I do for my Private Clients. I’m not holding anything back here.


So if you want the REAL SCOOP on getting traffic (and buyers) from Instagram and Facebook – than that’s exactly what you’re getting… LIVE… every Thursday.


Membership Is Just $13.30 Per Day

…Which adds up to $399 a month.


Not prohibitively expensive …but enough to keep the knuckleheads out and enough to keep our membership deliberately small. I don’t want (or need) a huge subscriber base for this program… just the right group of core customers.


Now – this is the point where I’m supposed to tell you how much you’ll love being a member, how much money it’ll make you, and all of that. I won’t do that.





Let’s Do Something Different

How about we just let the value speak for itself?


You’re not locked in to any contract, and you can cancel any time. We’re just an email away at cs[at]


So why not accept these gifts, attend the video conferences and let me help you with your business, deploy the campaigns I send you, and see how it goes?


If you don’t think it’s easily worth twice the investment, cancel your membership.


Just email me, call me, or go to my website to cancel, and you’ll never be billed another dime.


Plus you can keep everything anyway. You don’t have to return anything or jump through hoops – just let me know, and I’ll cancel your membership.


A very thorough, live training with me personally, and your first issue are all yours to keep regardless.


So go ahead and become a member today.


You’ll be glad you did.

Yes, I Want This!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this page and I look forward to seeing you on the live video conferences!




Shaun-Patrick Parsons