Tuesdays at Up&Down


Tuesdays at Up&Down
Presented by: Butter Group

Up & Down is a new entry into the Butter Group empire and it’s only a few blocks from 1OAK, the highly successful club owned by Butter Group. Being that the two clubs are so close in distance, Frost has programed Up & Down as a different type of environment so that the group doesn’t have to compete with itself. Frost tells us that Up & Down has a completely different feel than not only 1OAK but the entirety of competing nightclubs out there. Every floor of Up & Down is an adventure, night by night and room by room. The upstairs maintains a high energy club atmosphere, while the downstairs takes on the role of a chill lounge that has the ability to go from chill to wild in 0-60, creating a back alley club feel.


Upscale Trendy


Hip Hop

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