The VIP Room is a famous nightclub located next to the new port of Saint Tropez. Considered to be the most happening place on the French Riviera, the VIP Room is just the place for you and your friends. Created by Jean Roch, a famous French actor whose career lasted longer than five decades, it was transformed in 200. Designer Ora-Ito designed to get the maximum out of the club and it can now accommodate over 700 people, which is incredible for such a small location like St. Tropez. With its luxurious style and glamor, its bars and its charming restaurant, the VIP Room club is very popular worldwide. In Saint-Tropez, if you want to party you cannot look anywhere without hearing about the VIP Room!

The music genre varies from R’n’B to electro to rock, and bougie DJs like the awesome David Guetta and Calvin Harris have yearly shows at this famous spot. The best of St Tropez’s legendary locations, the VIP Room starts the evening as Le GIOIA restaurant with Italian and Mediterranean music and mellow music. And later into the night, the crazy party starts. Don’t miss a night of celebrity-filled partying.


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