After having already held some of the most talked about events in recent years, such as One Night Stand, Pure Carl Cox, Lift and many more, Game Over presents a new concept with WILDCHILD. This new project will show us how the brand delves into the eclectic roots of our favorite songs, from classic house to hip hop, going through the other genres.

The coolest party of the year will begin on May 25 at its new home, HEART Ibiza, and will be held every Saturday until September 28. This season Game Over intends to make our hearts go crazy weekly.

No decade covers wild feeling better than the 90s and early 2000s, and no party will represent your soul better than WILDCHILD in Heart. Beyond the creative and innovative DNA of Heart Ibiza, it is the perfect place to host a multisensory experience that goes beyond music.

“It’s gonna be Wild”


Upscale Trendy


Electronic Dance Music