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Right. On to the part about life-affirming things like Fruity Pebbles desserts and Bloodys with spare ribs in them…

You look like you could use some Alternative Breakfast Foods, just a few very different yet very delightful ways to enjoy the meal they call “the most important.” This slideshow should probably be edible.

And the things in it (your breakfast pizzas, your breakfast egg rolls, your breakfast ramens…) are setting the bar pretty high. Sorry, yogurt. You, too, Toaster Strudels.

It’s fun to say strudel.Two new lunch spots are about to open. One in Buckhead. One Downtown. Both will accommodate your midday desires for noodle-y Asian things.

Great. On we go…

Let’s start with Pho King, pictured left and soft-opening Sunday.

The location: On Peachtree in South Buckhead.
The scene: A dimly lit and wide-open house of noodles with a bar made from cinder blocks and some framed portraits of Vietnamese women making tea and rice. Perhaps one of them is the Pho Queen.
You’re there for: 20 types of pho, like rare steak and brisket and tripe.
Unless you have a thing for: Vietnamese beef balls, as you so often do.

Now it’s on to East Wave Fusion, soft-opening next Wednesday.

The location: Downtown. Just sitting there. Waiting.
The scene: A bright and airy fast-casual place with a long communal table, giant floating orbs and a large-scale mural of Taiwan as presumably seen from a fast-moving car. Because it’s kind of blurry.
You’re there for: Pork banh mi and blackened-ahi-tuna sushi.
Unless you have a thing for: Bubble tea and cheeseburger egg rolls.

You’re good at having things for things.Sunrise. That’s when breakfast happens.

Sunset. That’s when dinner happens.

Late-night. That’s when the magic happens.

As evidenced by The State of Late-Night Dining, a photographic who’s who of the best edible post-midnight offerings in our fair city. (The slideshow. It’s delicious.)

Maybe you just left a show at Terminal West and the band played a power ballad about stuffed pretzels and oysters.

Or maybe you were just hungry.

Either way, the slideshow is here with the assist.

You were probably just hungry.An open letter to hot dogs:

Dear Hot Dogs,

The people need you.

They miss your taste. They miss your laugh. Especially late at night.

Do the right thing.

Answering the call is Doggy Dogg, a new outdoor-only hot dog situation that was formerly based out of a cart and now isn’t, opening July 4 in Decatur.

It’s directly across the street from Kimball House in a tiny building made of cinder blocks and covered in murals of forlorn weenies hitchhiking or roasting smaller versions of themselves over cans of beans. Real twisted yet delicious sense of humor these franks have. See what we mean in this slideshow.

Let’s say it’s late (they’ll be open till 2am on the weekends) and you want something all-beef with pimento cheese and Spotted Trotter pork belly bits. You’ll step up to the window and request a 404. Or maybe you just want a veggie dog. In which case you’ll request what’s called a “veggie dog.”

And for now, you’ll enjoy your cased meats with something like a cold can of 420, but note that canned wine is also on the way.

You don’t have to drink it to note it.None You’re into huge steaks and early-20th-century French boxing history, right?

Great. Because here they come…

Kindly meet Marcel, a dimly lit new offering from Ford Fry wherein you’ll enjoy steaks, classic beverages and a general old-school boxing theme. It opens Monday on the Westside.

Calling this place a steakhouse wouldn’t be right. It’s more like a steak club. Somewhere that people in the ’20s would go to listen to jazz, smoke unfiltered cigarettes and say things like “Yeah, see?” Also, to eat steak.

It’s in the former Abattoir space, and there’s really no shortage of situations that end with you sitting in an oversize club chair and scanning over photos of French boxer Marcel Cerdan with a Harvey Wallbanger in one hand and an Alaskan king crab in the other.

Maybe settle in after work at the enormous zinc bar. That’s where you’ll discuss important and/or non-important matters over Vespers made with gin, vodka and Cocchi Americano.

Or maybe you’ll land in the dining room with more leather and some antique boxing gloves strung from the walls. Things like successful dates and 24-ounce dry-aged côte de boeuf happen in there.

Actually, boeuf happens wherever it wants.All right, summer, you win.

Just kidding. Moonshine snow cones and frozen ginger beer win.

Making you all excited to go outside again is this impressive roster of Frozen Alcohol, a pictorial gathering of cold, high-proof beverages that just seem to make good sense in 90-degree weather. And here are those pictures of which we speak.

It’s a time to reflect. A time to pause and think about what would make you less hot and more… whatever you become when you drink bourbon and frozen ginger beer together.

“A better person”: perfectly acceptable answer.All right, we’re going to try something here. Ready…

At Coffee Shop High, this place would’ve been voted “Most Likely to Become a Bar in the Evenings.”

Yeah? No?

Either way, here’s Land of a Thousand Hills, a new coffee shop that’s also a bar that also serves meat pies, soft-opening Friday at Atlantic Station. (The slideshow would like a word.)

This is one of those places you’ll appreciate if you’re ever fatigued or hungry or in need of something brown and single malted. Surely one of those will apply.

There’s something pleasant about it right away. Maybe it’s the waft of Rwandan beans from the grinder. Or the entire rock quarry’s worth of white marble serving as the bar. Or the realization that that same bar also serves beer, wine and good whiskey.

Of course it’ll come in handy during lunch. You’ll partake in savory beef hand pies at one of the industrial-looking tables. Maybe grab an Americano as you head back to work.

And although the whiskeys are meant less for mixing and more for sipping on their own, they’d be happy to make you a nice Irish coffee or something.

Irish people don’t call it that.There she is. The great white whale.

She’s huge. Majestic, even.

With her cool breezes and ample outdoor seating and smoked Peruvian chickens…

She’s a metaphorical whale.

And her name is Tavernpointe, a new garrison of meat, classic drinks and a whole lot of patio magic from the Seven Lamps and Grain guys, slated to soft-open next Friday in Midtown. (Here’s the part where you look at it.)

It’s a bright and airy spot where you’ll land for quick lunches or casual post-work drinks. Or pre-work, depending on your line of work.

And there’s a really strong floor-to-ceiling-window-to-pinewood-to-brick-from-an-old-paper-mill ratio in here. A nice backdrop for the gigantic three-sided bar and dining room complete with an open kitchen. Maine mussels and those whole smoked Peruvian chickens will come out of there.

Also, if it’s not 90 degrees outside, there’s the never-ending patio to consider. It’s big. It’ll be your libation-rich home base for classics like Rob Roys and Brown Derbies and other things that further support the phrase “libation-rich.”

Drinks. We just mean there’s more drinks.There’s nothing like Grandma’s house for some fried chicken.

Especially when the house has lots of gin and your grandmother is Kevin Gillespie.

Make yourself at home at Revival, an old house that the good chef Gillespie is about to fill with Southern comfort food and Cheerwine libations, opening Thursday in Decatur. (Here’s a nice slideshow for you to look at.)

Know this:

It might feel familiar.
Could be the big front porch. Or the vintage books and hand-painted teapots. Maybe the old family portraits everywhere. It’s sort of like the place you went as a kid to play hide and seek and eat hard candies out of a dish. (Yes, they have one of those.)

But there’s a huge bar.
It’s where you’ll go after work to smile and sip things like rum-heavy Cheerwine Phosphates and Rock and Ryes infused with rock candy.

And comfort. So much comfort.
Usher a date toward one of the little dining rooms or the covered patio. Go à la carte with something like bacon-wrapped meat loaf. Or better yet, ask for The Supper and they’ll just bring stuff out like fried chicken and hickory-smoked local greens.

But… don’t leave yet.
The butterscotch trifles would like a word.

At least humor them.You’re probably already aware of the calming properties of tea.

And the delicious properties of duck salad sandwiches.

So let’s just get right into this…

Full steam ahead to Tipple & Rose Tea Parlor + Apothecary, the tea version of a coffee shop where you’ll hang out, sip herbal things and eat crumpets, soft-opening Friday in Virginia Highland. (The slideshow is whistling.)

Step inside. Looks like some modern-day, eccentric medicine man’s personal study—antique furniture. Exposed brick. Floor-to-ceiling shelves filled with vintage hobby books. Random household gadgets and spices. Also, tea. So much tea. Like 110 kinds of tea.

You’d be wise to drop by in the morning on your way to the office. Maybe grab a blueberry-and-white-chocolate scone and something to drink.

Or come back later in the day for a quick lunch. That would be the appropriate time to split some crumpets with a very English colleague or head out with a grab-and-go tea-smoked-duck-salad sandwich.

And before you say anything… yes. It’s hot outside. So the tea also comes in popsicle form.

The crumpets still can’t do that.
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