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SILHO Magazine Premium content to help social media stars and personal brands live a jet setting lifestyle. Here are some of the strategies you’ll discover as a SILHO Member: Business Training and Content
  • All you have to do is basically “show up” and you might dominate your marketplace in a matter of days using this one simple method.
  • Breakthrough tactic for gaining TRUST with your prospects.
  • The simple secret of the world’s highest paid speaker – and how you can reverse engineer it for your own personal gain.
  • Get the exact 3-part equation for profits that drives this entire system. You’ll instantly understand it so you can apply it to your business today.
  • The two things you can do IMMEDIATELY to increase sales and revenue without spending money on more traffic and without sending more emails to your list.
  • This “same-day” approach works like crazy and does NOT involve affiliates, joint ventures, or any of the usual “Internet Marketing” tricks you’ve heard over and over again.
  • STEAL THIS: There’s an amazing psychological effect that makes people line up in droves to proudly spend 300% more on the same type of product their friends just bought for a fraction of the price.
  • Think that more sales is the first step to more profits? Think again! Discover the single biggest factor in increasing the money in your pocket …even if your sales stay the same.
  • How to charge MORE than your competitors …The secret is this two-step formula that’s built to work even if you’re an “unknown nobody”.
  • The easiest way to create major demand for what you’re selling.
  • “black ops” psychological positioning triggers that make you magnetic to your best customers.
  • One of them is “FORBIDDEN”. How to deploy the other seven, revealed on page 17.
  • How to become a CELEBRITY AUTHORITY in your marketplace.
Lifestyle Articles
  • Travel Guides (exclusive events, hotels, restaurants, clubs, excursions)
  • How to make sure you’re not tied down to anything so you can travel effortlessly.
  • Where to live to have the most the most exciting life ever – and travel without breaking your bank.
  • What items and assets to own, so they will earn you passive income.
  • How to make money, work on your own time and work from anywhere in the world.
  • The right and legal way to pay taxes so you can keep as much of your hard earned income as possible.
  • How to live a unique unconventional and luxurious lifestyle.
  • How to pay for this lifestyle with a business that is as easy to run as being your normal every day self.
Discounts and Perks
  • Curated SILHO events
  • Complimentary elite status at select travel companies
  • Exclusive restaurant, hotel, event, excursion offers and discounts
  • Priority check-in at select travel companies
  • Savings off standard fares and rates at various lifestyle companies
  • Access to unique global travel experiences
  • Complimentary travel membership offers
  • Discounted hotel rates
  • Premiere business solutions and discounts
  • Lifestyle perks and privileges
  • Community offers from other members
VIP Perks
  • Free Entry – pay no ticket fees for any event.
  • Member’s Events – get Invitations to exclusive SILHO member events.
  • Line Jumpers – why wait when you can skip the line.
  • Pre-Sale – Sold-out shows are a thing of the past.
  • Bring a Friend – Because two is always better than one.
  • Drink Deals – We love to buy our members a drink.
  • Billing starts at $299 per year.