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Bowling Champions

Let’s just… look past today. Post-Juno. This Sunday, February 1, it’s pretty likely you’ll be throwing a party for a huge event. We are, of course, talking about Landsegen, a celebration of Germanic neo-paganism. But in case you’re doing something for the Super Bowl instead, here’s what you need delivered or taken out.
Chips, Guac and Cheese from Alder
THE SNACKS Chips, Guac and Cheese from Alder Wylie Dufresne’s got tomato-powder-dusted masa chips, foie gras guacamole and green-chili beer cheese for you to pregame with. Or you could stick with seven-layer dip.
Kung-Pao-Style from Talde
THE WINGS Kung-Pao-Style from Talde You’ve got pretzels and pork in dumpling form here. You’ve got spareribs. But most importantly, you’ve got 16 people’s worth of Talde’s Chinese wings. Which is one of those situations where you start thinking 15 guests might be excessive.
Three-Foot Heroes from Bar Primi
THE SANDWICH Three-Foot Heroes from Bar Primi The three-foot sandwich is as much a staple of the Super Bowl as Fan Man. This year’s best in class: the Italian-style hero from Bar Primi, with 36 inches of prosciutto, soppressata, salami, all that. They’ve also got sides of stuffed meatballs and fra diavolo chicken wings. Italy really needs its own Super Bowl.
Dogs or Burgers from DBGB
THE CASED MEAT Dogs or Burgers from DBGB Sure, you could go for the classic Boulud-burger situation and just get a dozen of ’em. It’s the Super Bowl. A lot’s at stake. Why take chances? Why take chances on the 18-hot-dog option, with spicy lamb-leg hot dogs and Thai pork link ones?
Drizly’s Alcohol Delivery
THE LIQUID Drizly’s Alcohol Delivery In some circles, it’s considered right and proper to consume alcoholic beverages during a sporting event of this magnitude. Swipe a few swipes with this app, and said beverages (the beer and liquor list is well into the hundreds) come to your door. Please swipe responsibly.

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