Candice Berg’n

Candice Berg’n

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Dear Smorgasburg,

We love you. Your burger experiments and your ramen breakthroughs and your barbecue discoveries have given us boundless gustatory pleasure.

But… maybe it’s time you found a nice piece of land and settled down.

Somewhere like Berg’n. It’s basically a permanent version of Smorgasburg, but with the welcome addition of lots of beer. It opens Wednesday in Crown Heights.

Here’s our slideshow, but first: let’s walk you around a little, eh?

That’s the bar. Eleven drafts. Thirty-one bottles. Five cans. Eight wines. This is what Smorgasburg was always missing. (See the full beer list here.)

The chili fries from Asia Dog.

That’s how you put peppers on a pizza.
Way to go, Pizza Moto Slice Shop.

That’s right. It’s a ramen burger.
Maybe you’ve heard of it. (You’ll also have Mighty Quinn’s at your beer-absorbing disposal.) Plus…

… It’s still summer. So enjoy this.

It was that 90th degree that tipped you off.