Hello, Komodo

Hello, Komodo

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Dave Grutman (the guy who unleashed LIV upon the population). Jeffrey Chodorow (the guy behind the no-description-necessary China Grill). By their powers combined, they’ve created the Asian powerhouse you will now call Komodo. It’s a three-story palace for eating wasabi shrimp, drinking sake and, soon, lounging in a bird’s nest. It’s open right now in Brickell, and here’s the slideshow. Here now: five things you should know before tackling this magnificent beast… The Far East aesthetic is strong with this one. Probably has something to do with the illuminated metallic bamboo stalks stretching from the floor to the 40-foot-tall ceiling. You should probably feel good about banquettes. They’re all over. Cushy, semicircular ones that make fine hosts for the group you’ll be with. Did we mention Dave Grutman is involved? Could have something to do with the Notorious B.I.G. tunes flooding the space. There’ll be sake. Lots of it. That you’ll be pairing up with your lobster onion rings, Peking duck and sweet potatoes stuffed with caviar, truffles and wasabi butter. About those bird’s nests… There will be five of them. You’ll find them outside sitting atop chopstick-like structures. But you’ll have to wait another month or so before you can dine in them. Stay strong.


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