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House of Spain

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We’ve seen heaven. Actually, let us be more specific: we’ve seen tapas heaven. And the similarities: striking. The sun’s always shining, there’s a wall made of water, and best of all, they’ve got paella too. Also, it’s closer than you think… like five minutes by taxi. Behold Salinas, a divine tapas utopia set inside an idyllic Chelsea garden, opening tomorrow. So you’re in the mood for Mediterranean… both the food and the Balearic coastline. And as nice as Mallorca is this time of year, sometimes you can’t sit through a transatlantic flight for saffron-aioli-steeped cockles. The solution: this indoor/outdoor Spanish palace, where the floors are Brazilian walnut, the ceilings are fully retractable and the fish is prepared a la plancha. Now, in your infinite small-plate wisdom, we’re sure you’re already aware that this kind of alfresco dining is best done in packs. So you’ll send out a signal (email works in the absence of flares) and call your crew to assemble at the restaurant’s water-cascading interior wall. Once everyone’s present and accounted for, head toward the rear garden’s oversized (and fireside) ocean-blue banquette and await your fate. Which in this case will probably include crispy quail wrapped with bacon and some version of the chef’s seasonal paella. You can’t escape your monkfish-filled destiny.


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